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Jan 2020 - Hope

Tough times - let us move on with you.

Jul 2019 - Convergence

Convergence is the key to all design problems.

Jan 2019 - Benchmark

Let's keep it going. 2018 has been a benchmark year for us.

Jul 2018 - Diversity

Not only product targets, but also product ranges.

Jan 2018 - Moving Global

Products have to be worldwide compatible

Jun 2017 - Smart Lighting!

Smart Lighting - Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee, PoE, ...

Jan 2017 - Programmability !

What if we can offer something that can universally fit your need, and save your need for more SKUs !! 

Jun 2016 - Even more - 400W

We have added 400W to our products list, both low-voltage high-current constant voltage drivers AND high-voltage low-current constant current drivers. Did we mention that they are dimmable?

Sep 2015 - We won't stop - 320W

We have successfully added 320W to our product catalog.
Now we have 3W to 320W products to offer.

Jun 2014 - Another Milestone - 5 millions!

Today marks the day that we have manufactured 5 million LED drivers!

Mar 2014 - Keep rising - 150W!

We are expanding our product portfolio to 150W!

Aug 2013 - We reached 100W!

We have successfully launched our first 100W LED driver, which is IP68 rated.

Nov 2012 - Plant moved!

We moved to a new plant with production capability doubling the first factory.

Sep 2011 - Our 1 millionth LED product!

We have produced our 1-millionth LED product. Now our product is ranging from 4W to 60W.

Oct 2010 - The 100k-th unit!

We have produced our 100k-th LED driver!

Feb 2007 - First LED product

We developed our first LED driver - a 10W 24V product

2005 - First Patent

Granted the first US patent on Electronic ballast with preheating and dimming control

2003 - R&D centre moved!

New R&D center and office moved to Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

2002 - ISO

CCL gained ISO9001;2008

1997 - Joins lighting

Designed the first electronic ballasts and began to offer ODM, OEM services

1994 - Company set up

Company started with business in rectifiers and switch mode power supplies